Thursday, August 19, 2010

Chaotic Caves

Allready an old project, but as I quoted it today on Goblinoid's game forum, here's the Chaotic caves. Group project on a forum aree not easy things to handle and to achieve in a finished production, but J.D. Neal method proved as sucessful as his blue maps are inspiring.

Chaotic Caves I was released for Basic Fantasy RPG and provides an hommage to the original Caves of Chaos. Then, J.D. Neal provided a map and suggested that Chaotic Caves II could be released for Labyrinth Lord and settled by GG-forumers. I provided some stuff - namely, The Cradle of Thorgrins and The Baboon Troop, while Blood Axe, Cyberwraith and Bathwizard provided their own caves. Some nice ideas, like Bathwizard's Lair of the Bug-Master, makes this version of the Caves looking toward Moldvay's weird  fantasy, for my great pleasure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Nico, I'm looking forward to reading this. Looks great.

Matthew James Stanham said...

Very cool. I did not notice this project on the Goblinoid Games forums, so glad to hear about it!

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