Monday, July 18, 2011

Searchers of the unknown, character sheet version

Another archive I found back in my computer. Searchers of the unknown has been widely spread in sth OSR and had a nice descendance - the most comle game being Tempora Mutantur, which I warmly suggest you get a look here. But I wonder if many people saw that version, updating the first version with all rules on the character sheet. The pdf can be found here

The basic idea of SotU is that you can describe a D&D character like you would do with a monster (AC5, DV4, Dg 1d8), so you don't need much more to play. It also emulates at best the descending AC by making it a way to deal with stealth & stunts in addition of combat. 

This version adds  8 classes, in the sense of stereotypes, deal differently with after-fight recovery, add a quick'n'easy equipement method and even suggest a skill system, still in one page. Enjoy! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Platypi-folks for Labyrinth Lord

I posted this once on the Goblinoid games forum, a very nice place I should visit more often, and found it in my archives. So, just for fun, here rae the Platypi-folks - open-content, for sure. 

Requirements: WIS 9, CON 9
Prime Requisite: WIS and CON
Hit Dice: 1d6
Maximum Level: 8

Platypi-folks are even smaller than dwarves, being about 60 pounds and only attaining a height of around 3 feet. They have a furry body, a duck beak, long furred-tail and palmed arms. Platypi-folks have a gentle nature, and value good swimming, fishing and boxing.They will engage in playful activities when not on an adventure. Because of their small size and palmed hands, Platypi-folks may not use large and two-handed weapons, but may use any other weapon and armor. They must have at least 13 in one or the other prime requisite in order to get the +5% to experience. They must also have a STR and DEX of 13 to get the +10% bonus.

Platypi-folks are very good swimmers and are able to stay up to three minutes underwater. They have an uncanny ability to disappear in the water when swimming. In rivers or other underwater cover, Platypi-folks can hide with 90% ability. They got a sixth sense called electrolocation: even in full darkness, they may feel any living being by the electricity product by its muscular moves. So they’re very difficult to surprise: each creature have 1 chance on 6 less than usual ton surprise a Platypi-folk.

Because they are so small, Platypi-folks have a lower armor class (-2) when attacked by creatures greater than human sized. When really threatened, they may use their venomous talons, which are located under their feet, with a -4 penalty to hit. Any people wounded (damage 1d4) must save against poison, or get a -4 penalty to hit for 1d6 days, due to partial paralysis.

Reaching 8th Level: When a Platypus-folk reaches level 8, he can build a riverside stronghold. These strongholds will be in serene, beautiful rivers and Platypi-folks will come from great distances to settle there. The character becomes the leader of the people and must rule them wisely and well.

Platypi-folk Level Progression
Hit Dice: 1d6 per level
Experience (Level)
0 (1)
2,035 (2)
4,065 (3)
8,125 (4)
16,251 (5)
32,501 (6)
65,001 (7)
130,001 (8)