Monday, August 16, 2010

Dwarves in OD&D

The way Chainmail should or could be used in Dungeons & Dragons is always a matter of enjoyment. I drafted a 8-pages little guide about Dwarves, providing five different versions of the same, mostly by paste and copying bits from various sources in the LBB’s.
So, you'll find inside the Chainmail + Men & Magic dwarf, the Supplement I: Greyhawk Dwarf Fighter and Dwarf Thief, as well as complicated tables to deal with the Dwarf Fighter / Thief, and then, a suggested simplified version of a Dwarf class, as a variant of the latter. 
I didn't included quotes about Heroes and Super-heroes special capabilities, but I may include them later, after doing the same kind of exercise on Fighting-Men. I Thanks Greyharp for the bits I stole him for the lay-out. 
The file is here: 


Doc Grognard said...

Nice stuff ! But then, I've always had a soft spot for the art in OD&D, so using that pic biased me from the git go !

kesher said...

I think the picture finally answers the age-old riddle---Do dwarves wear pants?---in the negative...

Snorri, great stuff as always!

DevDigs said...

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