Monday, July 18, 2011

Searchers of the unknown, character sheet version

Another archive I found back in my computer. Searchers of the unknown has been widely spread in sth OSR and had a nice descendance - the most comle game being Tempora Mutantur, which I warmly suggest you get a look here. But I wonder if many people saw that version, updating the first version with all rules on the character sheet. The pdf can be found here

The basic idea of SotU is that you can describe a D&D character like you would do with a monster (AC5, DV4, Dg 1d8), so you don't need much more to play. It also emulates at best the descending AC by making it a way to deal with stealth & stunts in addition of combat. 

This version adds  8 classes, in the sense of stereotypes, deal differently with after-fight recovery, add a quick'n'easy equipement method and even suggest a skill system, still in one page. Enjoy! 


JDJarvis said...

This is freaky, I was looking at this sheet last night.

There's a couple problems on the sheet.

The AC calculation is screwed up on the sheet. If AC = armor + level +1 with shield the number for AC goes up if a character equipped a shield or gains a level which gives them an weaker defense as they gain levels.

One is better at acrobatic stunts while wearing a shield as well.

Where's the chance/rules to attack on the sheet?

Good look, great idea, it needs some work.

kesher said...

As always--Awesome.

Lucas Kain said...

Agreed with JD. Other than that - keep it up! Has a great potential :)

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Anonymous said...

Nicolas, I expanded this and fattened it up a ton, but still fit it on a single double sided character sheet. Almost all the rules, minus a spells list are on a single sheet. I hope you like, I stole directly from you whenever possible! I love what you did!