Monday, March 21, 2011

Who and what are Frightful Hobgoblin?

As I'm a lazy guy, and Dave Macauley made a nice post on his blog (, go have a look!), I just copy and paste it. Anyway, this is wonderful news for me to announce Epées & Sorcellerie will soon be released in English, and the first book of Aventure Fantastiques is available in french now.

Who and what are Frightful Hobgoblin?

Frightful Hobgoblin is an Anglo-French RPG publishing company that will shortly be releasing a variety of products in both French and English. These products will be available both in PDF format and in print through print on demand publishing. Initial releases include:
The original version of Dungeons & Dragons provided a unique description of orcs, somewhat different to later editions. The supplement Orcs expands upon the original description with the addition of many cultural details about the daily life and customs of these humanoids. It includes guidelines for playing an Orc character in OD&D and compatible games.

Epées & Sorcellerie

Released in 2009, this French RPG will shortly be available in English. Mixing OD&D with Chainmail and using only a 2d6 mechanic, Epées & Sorcelerie is a complete role-playing game in 64 pages.

Aventures Fantastiques

A new French version of the classic role-playing game. This booklet will enable play with the four core classes and races, with rules for character generation, magic, combat and adventures. A second booklet of monsters and magic items will be released later, with an English translation to follow.


Nicolas Dessaux... It's me...

David Macauley is an Australian who started gaming at the age of 14 in 1981, with Holmes D&D, and has been hooked on the older versions of the game ever since. He has worked as a proofreader and occasional editor with various OSR authors and publishers, including Brave Halfling Publishing, Goblinoid Games, James Raggi, Moritz Mehlem, and others. A strong supporter of the OSR, he is also the Labyrinth Lord Society organizer.


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Nico, are you still having email problems? If you are then you may have not received some of my emails.

Don't forget to add a link to the new Frightful Hobgoblin blog.

BlUsKrEEm said...

Very cool I've been waiting to get a look at Epées & Sorcellerie for quite a while now.

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All dnd like gaming are weird, leave it and toss it to the rubbis can.